Are we on the verge of a “purge”?

Are we on the verge of a “purge”? Bigotry is coming out in the open… and it is okay… let the lines be drawn hard and clear! Let our hypocrisy and chauvinism become known to all: known to our friends, known to our parents, known to our children and known to the generations to come.… Continue reading Are we on the verge of a “purge”?

Right or Left (Wrong!), I Don’t Know

Are we confusing being “on the right” with “being right” and being “on the left” with “being wrong”? I understand the practicality involved with “building a nation”, but does it have to come at the expense of humanity? Have we become so desperate that we have stopped dreaming and are just “doing”? Have we become… Continue reading Right or Left (Wrong!), I Don’t Know

Open World

Not sure if anyone else is feeling this, but I feels like this world is at the cusp of a “renewal”… If you’re listening to all the conversations around wage equality, gender (race/sexual orientation) equality, freedom of speech/expression, immigration reform, universal healthcare… a common theme about “opening up” and “leveling the playing field” emerges… these… Continue reading Open World

Empathy is the Highest Form of Critical Thinking

Last night, I saw something at Aashna’s “back-to-school night” that really grabbed my attention… and I will reproduce the picture I took below. It is the closest thing to an epiphany I have experienced. For what it is worth, here’s what the Wiki says about “Critical Thinking” : Critical thinking is the study of clear… Continue reading Empathy is the Highest Form of Critical Thinking

Sachin Tendulkar Retires

How do I begin to describe the two most fascinating days of my life – it was a “charged atmosphere” at Wankhede – every body there, was ONLY there, for one person – for that magician who had entertained and enthralled and captured the collective consciousness of a nation for 24 years… the chant of… Continue reading Sachin Tendulkar Retires