The Pendulum Has Swung To The “Right”…

Pervasiveness of the internet and the ensuing breakthroughs in mobile technology and social media has flattened the world. A global economy where developed countries have to adjust to the new realities of emerging super powers has been a difficult transition. Ethnic conflicts, border disputes and wars in the last three decades have been crippling all… Continue reading The Pendulum Has Swung To The “Right”…

एक प्रवासी की दुविधा

बचपन यहाँ गुज़रा है सारा, चन्द लफ़्ज़ों में बयाँ कैसे करूँ लड़कपन की बिसरी यादों की अब, इनायत मैं कैसे करूँ महफ़िलें सजी, अहबाब यूँ मिलें, शुक्रिया अदा कैसे करूँ इस धड़कते सीने की रफ़्तार पर अब, इख़्तियार मैं कैसे करूँ मज़हबी तनाव में लिपटा तू अभी, अश्रू से बुझाने की कोशिश कैसे करूँ रहबरों… Continue reading एक प्रवासी की दुविधा

“A Mahatma” In A Hurry

Engulfed in controversy of communal flare Infamously judged but continued to dare Amid hearings, inquiries and probes he survived Won re-election by a burly campaign so contrived Witnesses disappeared so did all paper trail As he rose to ascent indifferent to all assail The court of the land absolved him of all crime Clearing his… Continue reading “A Mahatma” In A Hurry

Right or Left (Wrong!), I Don’t Know

Are we confusing being “on the right” with “being right” and being “on the left” with “being wrong”? I understand the practicality involved with “building a nation”, but does it have to come at the expense of humanity? Have we become so desperate that we have stopped dreaming and are just “doing”? Have we become… Continue reading Right or Left (Wrong!), I Don’t Know

कुरुक्षेत्र यह तेरा है, मोदी भाई

Challenge to Modi to turn “Statesman”: हिंदू-मुस्लिम, सिख-ईसाई खाना अलग, कभी अलग पहनाई देश में रहते जैसे भाई-भाई  अब क्यों दिलों में है उदासी छाई?   उजले भविष्य की मांग है आयी तेरे प्रायश्चित की घड़ी है लायी देश के रहबर, अरे मसीहा भाई क्यों खड़ा ऐसे, क्यों चुप्पी छाई?   छोड़ दे संगत, गहरी… Continue reading कुरुक्षेत्र यह तेरा है, मोदी भाई