The Dichotomies of Man’s Life

Man and his needs Some primordial, some acquired Succumbing to temptations Some visceral, some desired Man and his traumas Some befallen, some instigated Compounding his stress Some incurred, some stimulated Man and his inventions Some inspired, some contrived Transforming lives Some thrived, some deprived Man and his gambles Some calculated, some blind Churning fortunes Some… Continue reading The Dichotomies of Man’s Life

Hill Tops With Foggy Skies

This city by the bay Is so easy on the eyes Like a dream on canvass Hill tops with foggy skies The morning here breaks With the whiff of sourdough The cable cars come rumbling Through streets both high and low Throngs of tourists go bustling Pier to pier they walk Eating chowder and cioppino… Continue reading Hill Tops With Foggy Skies

Oh, What A Life!

Through blood and through water Life glides beneath the skin Slithering through tribulations Ever resounding over the din Life dodges, life pivots Finds a way through the maze Thrusting through roadblocks Life maneuvers every phase Stays vital, stays vivid Life appears ever stoic Battling through mighty duels Life’s hurting, but stays heroic Life flickers before… Continue reading Oh, What A Life!

Let The Mystery Unfold

Nothing more to say, have nothing to write No grousing, no quibbles, no reason for respite The mystics have testified “only stillness speaks” Gone will be the days of mere troughs and peaks Boons of inwardness so surreptitiously abound Joy in solitude, the mind has miraculously found The past too distant, a faint memory at… Continue reading Let The Mystery Unfold

“A Mahatma” In A Hurry

Engulfed in controversy of communal flare Infamously judged but continued to dare Amid hearings, inquiries and probes he survived Won re-election by a burly campaign so contrived Witnesses disappeared so did all paper trail As he rose to ascent indifferent to all assail The court of the land absolved him of all crime Clearing his… Continue reading “A Mahatma” In A Hurry