“A Mahatma” In A Hurry

Engulfed in controversy of communal flare
Infamously judged but continued to dare

Amid hearings, inquiries and probes he survived
Won re-election by a burly campaign so contrived

Witnesses disappeared so did all paper trail
As he rose to ascent indifferent to all assail

The court of the land absolved him of all crime
Clearing his way for the minister’s office of “prime”

From the ramparts of Red Fort, proclaims “ready to serve”
A billion aspirations, in desperation, suddenly have verve

Travels the globe and claims much support
To invest, to befriend and all ready to export

He promises the moon, the sun, the stars to “all”
While allowing lynch mobs to plunder and maul

Will rid all corruption, and all money that’s black
Will stall all terror, and cut nobody any slack

The naïve, the poor can’t see his sycophancy
Blindly in obeisance believe his glamorous prophecy

The man is just vain, he’s a despot at best
Wake up O Brethren, it’s time to protest

Read through his self promoting PR machinery
The rogue wants to be “A Mahatma” in a hurry!

Copyright © 2017 Pratish Shah



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