“The Grinch” Will Have To Elope

Gentle mounds of green heave among the sprawly ranches

Rays of warm sunlight tease through the barren branches

Is winter on its way out, is spring making stealthy advances

Or… just the mind playing games in unseemly circumstances!

The world is at a precipice, looking up in solemn desperation

Sometimes writhing in pain, pining for a flash of illumination

Groping at illusory strands of hope, clasping hands in absolution:

“There’s a light somewhere surely, an emissary of salvation!”

Remain, O People of the World, steadfast and willing to cope

A few more days of cloudy skies, long weary nights for us mope

A new dawn will be upon us soon, with light, with love, with hope

The dark days of winter’ll be over, “The Grinch” will have to elope!

Copyright © 2017 Pratish Shah



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