“A Mahatma” In A Hurry

Engulfed in controversy of communal flare Infamously judged but continued to dare Amid hearings, inquiries and probes he survived Won re-election by a burly campaign so contrived Witnesses disappeared so did all paper trail As he rose to ascent indifferent to all assail The court of the land absolved him of all crime Clearing his… Continue reading “A Mahatma” In A Hurry

“The Grinch” Will Have To Elope

Gentle mounds of green heave among the sprawly ranches Rays of warm sunlight tease through the barren branches Is winter on its way out, is spring making stealthy advances Or… just the mind playing games in unseemly circumstances! The world is at a precipice, looking up in solemn desperation Sometimes writhing in pain, pining for… Continue reading “The Grinch” Will Have To Elope

On “वैराग्य”(Ascetic Indifference/Dispassion/Detachment)

जीने की आरज़ू है अभी, पर जाने का भी ग़म नहीं पल पल में कट जाये ज़िन्दगी, पर उम्र भी तो कम नहीं। महफिलें सजती हैं बहुत, जाने का कोई शौक नहीं बुलायें या भूल जायें हमें, किसी पर कोई टोक नहीं। मश्वरे का मौका पड़े, अर्ज़ करने की चाह नहीं बनते-बिगड़ते मुक़द्दर को, छेड़ने… Continue reading On “वैराग्य”(Ascetic Indifference/Dispassion/Detachment)