Are we on the verge of a “purge”?

Are we on the verge of a “purge”?

Bigotry is coming out in the open… and it is okay… let the lines be drawn hard and clear! Let our hypocrisy and chauvinism become known to all: known to our friends, known to our parents, known to our children and known to the generations to come.

I know, there are days, when we shudder  at the thought of where we are, as humans… what we have brought upon ourselves… and wonder how much further we can fall? But let that not affect our mind’s peace… our mind’s quiet is the most powerful place in this universe and we cannot let that fail us… let’s rise, rise above the negativity and stay steadfast in our resolve to counter hatred with love… nullify the forces that try to divide, to segregate and to discriminate. What good can we be if we let these forces overcome us… let’s not play into their hands!

Yes, there will be strife, there will be a struggle but I am convinced this “purge” will lead us to a new world order… it may take years, even decades, and it may push all of us to a breaking point, but humanity will prevail… let’s stay stoic in the face of this turmoil and hold on to the gift of love. Let not the forces of hatred overwhelm us, and overcome our fundamental rights to love, brotherhood and equanimity.

We may be on the verge of a “purge”; let’s stay true to our humanity so we can be the beacons of light and love, when we emerge on the other side of this “purge”, this darkness…

I believe in the emergence of the “Open World”. For those so inclined, here’s a piece, in similar vein, I wrote in February 2015:


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