Right or Left (Wrong!), I Don’t Know

Are we confusing being “on the right” with “being right” and being “on the left” with “being wrong”?

I understand the practicality involved with “building a nation”, but does it have to come at the expense of humanity?

Have we become so desperate that we have stopped dreaming and are just “doing”?

Have we become so conceited that we have shut our eyes to consequences of what we think, say and do?

Are we not just succumbing to agents of fear and hatred?

Are we not then succumbing to our basic instincts of survival and procreation?

How different are we from other species that have limited OR no free will?

Seems like impulse is reigning over spontaneity…

Seems like reacting has become more important than responding…

Sure, we need to address the need for humanity to satisfy our basic instincts, but…

Why not in a way that does not lead to deviant behavior and consequent corruption of society? (or are we past that point?)

How can we call ourselves an advanced species if the measure is only by economic, scientific and technological achievement?

How about a measure of how human rights are observed and enforced so that no human is treated less than a human?

Why not with an understanding of who we are as a species, our relationship to this life and everything around us?

Why stoop lower than the dignity we have been afforded by evolution?


Copyright © 2016 Pratish Shah (February 26, 2016)

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