Hate has an expiry date!

Hate has an expiry date!
Hate sells, no doubt, but it is not sustainable!

Yes, it is reliable in the sense that you can count on it to be there every day when you read the front page of any newspaper, it has been on air on radio and television for decades, and now, it’s available on your newsfeed on social media. Hates sells because there is a market for it!

There is obviously something innately disturbing about how we can consume hate everyday, and how our appetite for hate never seems to end. Having said that, I will still contend that it is not sustainable. We may spend minutes, even hours consuming and perpetrating hate, but the truth is that it gets exhausting… each and every one of us gets weary, hating…

I will also contend that we spend more time in our day loving than hating; and then I will make a rapid (maybe even, an outrageous) extrapolation that we spend more time in our lives loving than hating… one may argue that those fewer moments hating might still undo the years loving… to the extent that the effects of hate may last longer than that of love. Here I contend that the “balance” is maintained at the macro level, if not at the individual level… there is more good (out of love) being done in the world at any given time than bad (out of hate).

In the history of our species, we have prevailed over hate and that is why we live today to tell the story… the universal consciousness of the human species on this planet is inclined heavily towards love, and though there are forces trying to tip that balance, our individual affinity towards love, aggregates at macro levels AND love will always offset hate in the grand scheme.

Someone wise told me, once, that Hate is only misguided Love… however, Hate is tiring, and Love is invigorating. Seems like an easy choice.

Even if you believe what I just said, it’s not enough to rest on our laurels… (ha ha ha!) let’s begin the New Year and strive to become “brokers of love” in 2016!

If you come across stories of “love” and “living in harmony”, please post at this page : https://www.facebook.com/livinginharmonyinthisuniverse

Thanks for reading and yes, Happy New Year!

Copyright © 2016 Pratish Shah (January 2, 2016)

2 thoughts on “Hate has an expiry date!

  1. Hate is a strong word… Dislike is more palatable. We channelise our frustrations and failures into objects or people that mirror our fears. I believe humans are genetically predisposed to having love as a default function. Environmental circumstances overcome our first nature to evoke feelings of ‘hate’, which I believe needs constant massaging to sustain itself. In the light of the kindness and gratitude, it wilts and the first nature of love tends to emerge. As Lennon said… You may say I’m a dreamer, but…. Etc

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