Good Bye David Letterman!

Good Bye David Letterman and thank you for so many years of wit, sarcasm and self deprecating humor. Humor that took getting used to but grew on me over the years. I would see my roommate in the early Nineties watch the Letterman show (then on NBC) and I would wonder why anyone wanted to watch who seemed like a cranky, middle-aged man interviewing celebrities who he had no respect for or no real interest in talking to… his self loathing style, and sarcasm became his signature. Dave did not need a script though he’d always have blue flash cards when interviewing his guests – often the conversation would digress completely from where it began – the surprises and shocks is what made his interviews highly entertaining. His quick wit was unmatched on TV and what made his “treatment” of the guest something to always look forward to. It was very obvious that he reserved his charm for some of his lady guests (E.g. Julia Roberts, Madonna) which created quite a few awkward moments on National Television. His practical jokes in which he involved the local (Broadway & 53rd Street) business owners became legendary – the world got exposed to the Mujiburs, Sirajuls and Rupert G’s of NYC. Dave always involved his stage crew in his pranks and segments – so many of us would now recognize a Biff or a Todd or a Alan if we ran into them in the streets. Dave’s Mom became a regular feature and brought the endearing humane touch to an otherwise detached and emotionally challenged style of Mr. Letterman. I have never watched Regis Philbin on any of his own shows, but enjoyed his chemistry with Dave on the Late Show – Regis has been a guest on Dave’s show over 150 times. 9/11 and his multiple bypass surgery seemed to soften Dave up some – however, that brought to light a more socially and politically conscious Dave; his guests would often be Heads of States, past and present day Presidents, and VeePees… the interviews would stay lighthearted and yet provoke some soul searching moments. I was a sucker for those. Dave has had his sour moments too – but when you do 6000+ episodes in 33 years, having a bad day on occasion should be permissible, no? Dave has been instrumental in launching several comedians (Ray Romano, Adam Sandler) and young musicians on his show… Mr. Letterman, you have been goofy sometimes, even mindless and outright outrageous on occasion but I have had the pleasure of watching your shows for almost 23 years now, and am grateful for those wonderful times and many, many laughs… you’re probably the last Idiot, in my Top Ten List (sic), on the Idiot Box that I will have followed with such regularity. Be well, Dave!


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