To Write Their Own Stories…

They’re dropping out of school, they’re falling by the wayside
They’re losing all objectivity, they’re considering suicide

Have the teens lost their way, or did someone mislead them?
Is the “system” completely broken as we so blatantly condemn?

Quick to blame the teachers, school staff and administrators
Who carries the burden, who are the real perpetrators?

Our definition of success may be responsible for this duress
We can point outwards, but are mostly responsible for this mess

Schools, colleges and varsities of renown and repute
Past glory to have attained every “applicable” institute!

“Their future’s our concern” is our veritable shroud
Our own egos we’re stoking, hence “Go make US proud”

Does a degree or diploma matter so much
That we lose all our moments in pursuit of such

Of grades, of report cards, of trophies we celebrate
The loss of innocence is not worthy to commemorate

What happened to letting them live, to grow and to thrive
All this bedlam we’ve created, and this pressure to survive

Let’s raise them in love, and instill some wonderment
Let them shape their paths to their own contentment

Leave children to their nature and then forever behold
To write their own stories, so now, release the stronghold

Copyright © 2014 Pratish Shah (March 27, 2015)

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