Open World

Not sure if anyone else is feeling this, but I feels like this world is at the cusp of a “renewal”…

If you’re listening to all the conversations around wage equality, gender (race/sexual orientation) equality, freedom of speech/expression, immigration reform, universal healthcare… a common theme about “opening up” and “leveling the playing field” emerges… these have been around for long but the urgency, the energy and the momentum around them seems different…

Sitting in the heart of technology, it is hard to miss how pervasive information is getting, and how that may be contributing to and inspiring new thinking – sitting here we led the charge on open source, open architectures, OpenStack (sic!), social media, vendor neutrality, mobility, Bring Your Own Device, Cloud, and most recently, net-neutrality! All these technological advances have a theme which highlights openness, flexibility, diversity and inclusiveness. Well, for the most part… 😉

I feel even politics and governance is about to change – there’s talk about harnessing diversity, about being inclusive…, and lot of that change is being driven by people who are willing to look past the labels of “right” and “left”… I feel the youth of the day is willing to experiment, break the shackles of yore, and wanting institutions, enterprises, and governments to open things up, hold onto less, give more and level the playing field… the youth wants the power in their hands, they’re willing to tear down the walls…

Yes, there is an upheaval and a little tug: the old world is writhing in pain, not letting go, the fear of the unknown is making it defensive, making it impulsive, but it cannot resist forever…

The new world order is emerging, it is pluralistic, it wants power in the hands of the people and not the few, it is “populist” if you will, but it is not encumbered with labels of right winged, conservative, liberal, capitalism, socialism, leftism, Marxism… it’s willing to adopt by the need of the hour… it will be this and that, right and left, when it needs to be! It will not let rhetoric and insecurities get in the way of progress! It will accept its contradictions and embrace them, not endlessly challenge and lament them… It is a world that evolves, adopts, self learns, self corrects, sheds all labels, each time, every time… a world that is nimble, one that will grow and not regress… it may seem anarchic at times, but don’t be fooled, that is it’s inherent design… it will lead the next big wave of collaborative enterprises, institutions and government… It is Glasnost and Perestroika at the world stage – Act 2 with a broader and lasting impact!

I really feel our world is at a precipice right now and sure, it feels like a free fall from where we’re standing but then we’re not witnessing the vast expanse ahead of us – look up and out, not down… if we look wide eyed, we’ll see the sign of the times – get ready for an “Open World” (all possible puns intended), tear down the walls and be prepared for hyper scale!!!

Copyright © 2014 Pratish Shah (February 26, 2015)

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