To Be Thankful Just Once

When I have it all, why do I seek
I have said it all, and yet I speak

With tears I came, but joy I found
With family and friends, love did abound

Seen flora and fauna, creatures in prime
All of nature’s bounty in this world sublime

At the stars in the sky I gazed for long
And wondered aloud ‘where do I belong?’

I traveled afar, and many a nation
Met the young and old of varied vocation

Of success I’ve heard, and of failures I’ve read
On the same path, I now refuse to tread

Yearned and craved my way thus far
For matters material to an extent, bizarre

Content am I, has the light finally shone?
To be thankful just once, so I can atone!

Copyright © 2014 Pratish Shah (October 16, 2004)

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