Exquisite, spectacular, engaging – one of Naatak’s best productions and if I may say, Sujit Saraf’s Magnum Opus! This was a 100 minute extravaganza that had me exhilarated every minute of the performance… a lyrical metaphor as its premise, with engaging narrative poetry, lilting compositions, exquisite vocals, imaginative art direction, highly creative costumes, immaculate choreography,… Continue reading Amavasya

Empathy is the Highest Form of Critical Thinking

Last night, I saw something at Aashna’s “back-to-school night” that really grabbed my attention… and I will reproduce the picture I took below. It is the closest thing to an epiphany I have experienced. For what it is worth, here’s what the Wiki says about “Critical Thinking” : Critical thinking is the study of clear… Continue reading Empathy is the Highest Form of Critical Thinking