Will Nirbhaya’s (a.k.a Damini) death go in vain?
Is our society at it’s lowest point?
Who is to blame for it?
Is the solution, stricter laws, swift convictions and fast track justice?
Should our women be better prepared to defend themselves? Take up martial arts? Be armed with pepper sprays?
Which one of these will make a lasting impact or is it all of the above?
Are we all guilty? I think we are…
What can I do?

There are always two vectors for a transformation:
Evolutionary and revolutionary…

The romanticism associated with revolutionary is what drives most of us… It seems action oriented, appears like will have immediate impact and most importantly, helps us to move on to other things – spend a minute or two to think about that! Think about all the times, events have stirred you, you have expressed your angst, suggested solutions among friends and family, and then moved on… until the next one comes along. We repeat the routine and then move on, making it someone else’s problem.

Evolutionary is harder, and perhaps longer but may have a real chance of making a lasting change… But, we don’t have the patience for it because it requires some serious soul searching… and can take more than our lifetimes.

Going into the inner workings of our mind, the corners of our very Being… we have so many subtle and deep-rooted biases, opinions and programming through years of exposure to our surroundings that manifest themselves in subtle ways as our thoughts, words and action; whether we agree or not, that is the violence within us.
All of these contribute to the collective consciousness and translate and manifest into the world as we see around us.

Without trying to get any more philosophical, maybe, simply put… Let us just start with treating our own mothers, wives, daughters (heck, everyone we encounter in our lives, not only the female gender) with more respect and not mere objects of service and/or pleasure for ourselves. Give them their due share of space in this world, and treat them as equals… not merely in action, but in thought foremost. This ones seems easy to say, but harder to practice. Purity has to come first in thought, for it to translate to words and action. Till such time, it is only remedial not preventive. Dig deeper and you will find in the inner recesses of your mind, that you are not giving anyone else (let alone the female species) the space you give yourself… Time for that transformation has arrived for humanity. And I need to help myself with this evolutionary transformation.

Copyright © 2014 Pratish Shah (December 20, 2012)

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